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Dog Accessories

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Stylish dog accessories

As a nation of dog lovers, getting your pooch some exciting dog accessories is a must. Here at NA-KD, we have an exciting range of different options for your dog. Better yet, these accessories are stylish so that your dog will look as good as you. We have a range of different dog leads and collars in a variety of different colours and sizes. This means that you can find the perfect collar to fit your furry friend. Excitingly, you can even make sure that you both match when you head out and about for a walk.

When it comes to dog accessories, it's not just the collar that's important. We also have a range of leashes too. This means that you can find a leash to match your collar. All of our leads are made from strong, sturdy materials, including leather, so that even if your dog is a puller, you're going to be in control. Our leads come in a range of different colours and lengths too. And all of them offer soft handles and grips so that you can walk around in comfort no matter the day, time or season!

Glamming up your dog accessories

So, you've now got your dog lead, you need a matching collar. All our collars are made from soft, supple, stylish leather and are either braided or flat. This means that there is no chaffing or rubbing, provided you get the correct size of course. All our collars come with stylish buckles too, so you can adjust the size of the collar easily. These buckles come in both gold and silver colours so that you can really make your dog's collar look as stylish as possible. The clips on our leads also match these buckles, so you can have the perfect coordinated look.

Excitingly, there's even more in our dog accessories collection. As it's a requirement to have your details on your dog when out in public, why not opt for a super stylish dog collar pendant to make your address stand out? We've got cute little paws for you to engrave your details on in both black and white. Alternatively, why not go for our pearl-studded pendant, where you can enclose a roll of your details within the convenient little tube? With one of our collar pendants, not only will your dog look great, but they will be legal too!

  • Collar dog accessories UK
  • Dog collar accessories such as address pendants
  • Dog walking accessories include brown and black leashes

Choosing cute dog accessories

When you're choosing your dog leash, collars and other dog accessories, you'll want to consider your dog very specifically. It's not a simple process of grabbing the first thing that comes to hand. Make sure that you have measured your pooch's neck so that you're getting a comfortable fit. It's also worth considering the width of the collar too. For instance, sighthound breeds such as greyhounds require wide leather collars to prevent the smaller, thinner collars from cutting into their longer necks. Smaller breeds can easily handle thinner widths without suffering from any issues when on their walk.

  • Think about the right collar width
  • Measure for the correct size
  • Pick a colour

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