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Leather Bags

Black Leather Compartment Crossover Bag
Real leather
Leather Compartment Crossover Bag USD 56.99USD 94.99
NA-KD Accessories
1 Color

Leather bags for women

Our ladies leather bags have something for everyone. For example, if you're a Calvin Klein lover or if you lean much more to the simple and sophisticated side, we've got you both covered. Shop the trio crossbody Calvin Klein, with an adjustable strap and a buckle closure so it's totally safe and secure. It's roomy too, with three different compartments inside. That's enough for all of the necessities, whether you're popping to the shops or off out for Saturday brunch with your girlfriends. What's that? You need a bigger option with extra space? That's what our fabulous shopper bag is for.

Stunning leather bags

Not only have we got the practicality sorted, but we've also got the fashion nailed too. Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a real leather bag that's got a bit of a suede feature? Say hello to our suede hobo knot bags. They've got the main compartment and even extra zippered space for more security. As for the gorgeous detail, we've only gone and added a handle with two tied knot detail. This particular one comes in black and brown tones. That means you get the luxury of choosing your absolute fave so it matches your outfit.

Leather bags for the casual moment

Never been able to get your hands on a luscious banana bag? Well, our range includes those as well. It's got an asymmetrical design, built with one zipper pocket on the inside of your bag and then another more open styled pocket. We've also super conveniently designed it with a clever removable shoulder strap. That way, you're totally free to whip it on and off as and when you please. And it just doesn't get in the way, so you can stay on the go all day long and your leather bag is the easiest thing in the world.

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