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Gold Multipack Chain Anklets
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NA-KD Accessories
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Red Flat Shell Anklet
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Anklets have been worn by women throughout the world and across a large number of different time periods. For most of us, they are just an accessory; however, in the past, these items would often have a deeper meaning denoting your class, marital status or other special meanings. Nowadays though, we just want to look, and feel great, and that's where the perfect ankle chain can come in, elevating an outfit to the next level or simply dressing the way we want to. At NA-KD we have a range of different anklets available, perfect to meet each and every occasion you might be considering. What's even better is that these anklets are one size fits all, so you can make them as tight or as loose as you want in order to get your perfect style as you show off your ankles to the rest of the world. So, what have we got on offer for you to enjoy?

Go big or go home - anklets

When wearing an anklet, one of the things to consider is the size. We offer a range of different styles for you to choose from. For more delicate pieces, we have a range of thinner rope chain options that add an elegant twist to an outfit. These are also perfectly suited to you if you have very narrow ankles as they will accentuate your features rather than weigh you down. However, it's a statement piece you're looking for, we've got you sorted on that front too. We also have a range of chunky, ringed or hooped anklets designed to be noticed. Looking for something resembling a charm bracelet? Then we've got options for that too, with some of our designs sporting elegant pendants that will help spruce up an outfit or can even be worn with something as simple as a pair of flip flops for that casual elegant look we are all dreaming of. Whatever the look, we've got you!

  • Chunky loops and hoops
  • Pendants for added chic
  • Thinner chains for a modest look

Colour me excited!

Our anklets are also available in a range of colours, though the most popular option is gold. These anklets can be worn with just about anything you want - that's the delight of these accessories. Ankle bracelets can be worn in any way you like. For instance, as we mentioned, you could choose to pair it with a pair of simple flip flops, having the bracelet on your bare leg. But you don't have to be in a warm climate to wear them. You can also choose to wear the anklet over a pair of long trousers so that the shape of your ankle is accentuated through the cloth, or simply as a way to add sparkle to a potentially dull work outfit. Pairing a loose, chunky anklet with a pair of classic shoe boots, resting the anklet at the top of the shoe, lends an air of classic style and can make a simple pair of shoes more interesting. The options are endless!

  • Pair with a stylish pair of shoe boots
  • Wear over a pair of suit trousers
  • Dress casual with an anklet on bare legs

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