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Purple High Waisted Trousers

Purple D-ring Detailed PU Pants
D-ring Detailed PU Pants USD 10.49USD 34.99
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Purple High Waisted Trousers

Shine wherever you go with a pair of purple high waisted trousers! If you have a casual event coming up or want to amp up your daily style, we've got the perfect piece for you. NA-KD has it all. From bell-bottoms to wide jeans and flowy side slit pants in this striking colour. Brace yourself to make a choice, or better: get them all!

Show off your retro look

Are you a lover of the retro aesthetic? Then you're in luck, because high-waisted silhouettes have re-emerged as the hottest cut. With the right high-waisted trousers, you can pull off a 70s or 80s-inspired look in seconds. Besides, brown corduroy isn't the only option any more: they are available in more colours than ever, including purple. Try mixing and matching them with your favourite pieces!

How to style your purple trousers

Styling our pants is easier than it looks! For instance, try an organic straight jean with a biker to hang out with friends. Alternatively, wear a pair of tailored suit trousers with a blazer for that work meeting. You can also use them as sportswear! Choose some comfy high-waisted purple leggings. Then, pair them with a crop top to do yoga or jog. Easy peasy!

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